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Colours on Cardboard

By Posted in - Life Journeys on December 16th, 2013 0 Comments 2 Juan Colours on Cardboard

For Juan Arellano, the days merged into one another. Too weak to sit or stand, he lay in a hospital bed for weeks, waiting, even longing, for death. Unable to eat or hold a conversation, …

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By Posted in - Bridges on December 12th, 2013 0 Comments stella bridge

The perspectival horizons formed when crossing over Brooklyn Bridge offer a series of ever changing surfaces, slants, edges and outlooks on the city. A frame of receding perspectives and diminishing angles continually guide the eye …

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Montage of the Senses

By Posted in - Life Journeys on December 11th, 2013 0 Comments 06dugdale.spectacle

This piece offers an ethnographic exploration of perception in order to consider the role of light, vision and the senses in the constitution of lived experience. When a person encounters the disappearing light of the …

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I Want to See Obsession…

By Posted in - Life Journeys on October 16th, 2013 0 Comments Trimmier20

Dialogues with Material Objects

An emergent area regarding the use of inner speech and dialogue is the use of material/non-human objects in one’s environment or neighbourhood to enter into dialogue with when establishing well-being and negotiating …

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Dangerous Substances

By Posted in - Life Journeys on August 9th, 2013 0 Comments dangerous

The following photo essay Dangerous Substances and Visible Evidence: Tears, Blood, Alcohol, Pills  can be thought of as a type of puzzle or detective story that combines image, voice and walking to uncover how a …

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Grid, Health, Advertising

By Posted in - Life Journeys on April 9th, 2013 0 Comments Jump19


Grid, Health and Advertising:
A Story of New York City 1811-2011

This piece tells two stories, that of New York City and its obsession with money, advertising and rebuilding over the last 200 years; …

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